Pretty Accounting Ltd is a CPA Public Practice based in sunny Nelson, New Zealand.

Bridgette Pretty, Director, has a unique background for an accountant in a public practice as she has spent half her working career on the other side of the fence inside private and publicly listed companies. This creates a point of difference for clients of Pretty Accounting as they benefit from Bridgette and her staff’s authentic ability to empathise with real business issues like cashflow and system challenges then work towards a stress reducing solution.

At Pretty Accounting to be effective we believe that professional relationships need to be based on mutual trust, support, respect and integrity. As a result we only work with clients who share our belief in the importance of these four factors. Bridgette is supported by Senior Contract team members to provide clients who share our values with professional value-adding support.

Our Commitment

We will do everything in our power to:

  • Maintain the high standards of integrity, honesty, openness, professionalism and confidentiality that you rightly expect and deserve.

  • Deliver friendly, courteous and outstanding service. You will be respected and not taken for granted.

  • Meet the deadlines we set with you. We will keep you fully informed about what’s happening on your affairs, and complete every task on or ahead of time, so that you never have to chase us.

  • Operate on the principle that a problem isn’t solved, or a piece of work finished, until you are 100% delighted. We totally believe that your perception of our performance is always the reality. For that, and other reasons, your feedback is critical to our continuing to innovate and improve.

  • Refer our contacts to you where we believe they could benefit from your products and services.

  • Our prices will rarely, if ever, be the cheapest on the market. Our services will be of exceptional quality and designed to add significantly to your net financial worth. Our fees are based on the time it takes us to do the work and the experience and qualifications of the people involved. Our more experienced people will deal with more complex and high value work – naturally at a higher hourly rate.

  • The way we communicate with each other is important to you (and therefore to us). As part of that process, we will acknowledge any communication you have with us before the end of the next working day. Telephone calls will be returned the same day.

  • Our people have the authority to make decisions without necessarily referring those issues to a Partner of this firm.

  • We are not just bean counters. We are truly experienced in business improvement matters. Not only have we built a successful business from scratch, but we have also witnessed the numerous successes and sometimes failures of the businesses we serve.

We are totally committed to sharing that experience with you.
We expect you to communicate with us frequently too.


Our FY19 Pretty Accounting Newsletter is available as a PDF HERE

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Our Clients’ Commitment to Us

You will do everything in your power to:

  • Maintain the high standards of integrity, honesty and openness that we rightly expect from each other.

  • Tell us immediately if we do anything that you are in any way unhappy with.

  • Provide us with any information and answers we need and access to your team to carry out our work within the mutually agreed timeframes.

  • Listen to any advice we offer. We acknowledge your absolute right to reject it.

  • You will attend to our account on the terms we agree upon.

Bridgette Pretty

Bridgette Pretty B.Bus, CPA – has worked as an accountant for close to 30 years and is a fully qualified Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). Her entire working career has been spent in accounting and managerial positions, spanning the hospitality, manufacturing and commercial industries. Bridgette is from a farming background and helped manage her parents’ hospitality business before doing her accounting degree and working in Australia for 10 years.

As part of a very busy family business, Bridgette is well aware of the importance of keeping financial compliance on a user-friendly and straight forward basis so this is her focus when providing accounting and business solutions to her clients.

Bridgette has been serving for some years on the Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) NZ Branch Council. With her experience of setting up a public practice, sharing knowledge and supporting other CPA members is a particular passion and one that resulted in taking on the Chairperson position of the CPA Public Practice Committee which reports to the Council. She also enjoys the challenge of furthering her business and community knowledge.

One of Bridgette’s motto’s is ‘life is short so make sure you have a laugh every day, even if it is at yourself!’

Christine Pretty

Christine maintains the smooth running of the office. This is quite a role reversal as Bridgette, Christine’s daughter, used to work for her parents as manager of their hospitality business.

Joanna Perrett

Joanna Perrett works with Bridgette on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. Bridgette and Joanna have worked together in the past, Joanna has invaluable skills from experience in the accounting industry. Joanna is supporting clients and the team with accounting and administration support services. For those of you who have met Joanna before you will remember her as very approachable, knowledgeable and nothing is ever a problem. 

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